Shopping Centre Encourages Small Businesses

Neeta City in Fairfield NSW is welcoming in businesses who want to rent a ‘pop-up’ or short-term retail space, also called casual leasing.

Casual leasing is a popular and growing trend of opening temporary shops and sales spaces that ‘pop-up’ for a short period of time. Rather than taking on a long-term lease agreement, a shop or space is leased for a shorter period, anywhere from 1 day to 6 months.  This can be in a vacant shop or in a prominent shopping mall area.

Demand for casual leasing is on the rise as new entrants can bring their product to market quickly. Opening a pop-up shop is one of the best ways to build buzz for a business, reach new customers, validate research on stock to sell and generate more sales. Entrepreneurs can meet their customers face-to-face and get valuable feedback on their products and services. Short-term leases can come at an overall lower cost compared to long-term leases, offering a lower fixed cost while complementing other sales channels that a business may have, such as online sales.

“Small businesses should present well, good product knowledge and have good displays. Keeping prices affordable also helps to increase sales during the time they are at the centre,” said Vivian Zakaria, Retail Leasing Co-ordinator at Neeta City. “Toys, kids wear and manchester would fit especially well.”

Neeta City is the largest shopping centre in the Fairfield area. Located on the corner of Nelson Street and Smart Street Fairfield, it is only 30 kilometres from the heart of Sydney. Major stores include Big W, Woolworths Supermarket and Best & Less with specialty shops such as Soul Pattinson Chemist, Cotton On, Factorie, Lowes, Millers, McDonalds, EB Games, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and Australia Post.

Casual leasing locations can be booked through, an innovative online marketplace that matches shopping centres with renters of short-term retail spaces.