Grab the newly opened opportunities on Boxing Day!


What’s happening on Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is Australia’s iconic shopping holiday, which attracts hundreds of thousands of buyers as well as billions in sales each year! It has its roots in an English tradition where servants and tradesmen would receive Christmas-boxes from their bosses or employers on the day after Christmas. However, over the years it has evolved into one of the largest shopping seasons in the country, as retailers sell their left over Christmas sales stock at lucrative discounts. Not only that, shops would also open very early in the morning, just to entice the customers. It’s not just a big day for consumers, but also a big day for retailers.

New Opportunities This Year!

In 2014, Boxing Day cashed in more than 2 billion dollars in sales, breaking all previous records. In Sydney, many even set up camps outside stores the day before, just to secure their favourite discounts. Many others travelled from places like Wollongong, arriving as early as Christmas day itself.

This year, the NSW government has deregulated trading laws enabling many more shops to open on Boxing Day. “The opportunity for local shops to open their doors for such a major day of trading cannot be underestimated,” cites Ms. Berejiklian, treasurer of NSW. Also, according to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), the deregulation is “a windfall for the majority of NSW retail businesses.” Indeed, with more shops open, attracting tens of thousands of new shoppers who never before were able to join this mass sales event, this presents a perfect new opportunity for retailers!

How Can You Take Part?

Are you thinking of taking advantage of the sales season with some casual leasing or opening a pop-up shop and grabbing the newly opened opportunities? The timing is just right to be part of the huge Christmas and Boxing Day shopping season. Get your brand out there to attract new customers and make some extra revenue.

Visit to book a pop-up space today and maximise your sales on Boxing Day!



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Photo credits: © Tktktk | Dreamstime.comChristmas Shopping In Melbourne Photo



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